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Training Packages

Training part:

  • training duration:  - 3 - 4 hours per day of training per day following a 3-4 hours of tour where the riders can utilize the newly learned skills on different terrain. The training / tour lasts 2  or 3 days based on the booking preference  
  • improvement objectives and skill achievements after completion are - stand up, sit down, turn, find the center, bent arms, counter lean, use the clutch, use the rear and front brakes, use momentum
  • what your skill level should be? -  beginner to intermediate rider, beginner to intermediate off-road rider, beginner to intermediate enduro rider  
  • is a license required? yes/no - license is not required
  • daily program - start the day with a warm up, followed with a couple of hours of hands on training and than utilize the learned skills in the second part of the day on a longer ride  
Tour information:
  • total duration in days - 2 or 3 day (half day training and half day of touring)
  • total number of riding days - 2 or 3 days  (half day training and half day of touring)
  • tour itinerary (daily itinerary) -   start the day with a warm up  and training and utilize the learned skills in the second part of the day on a ride out  
 - Price per rider is 600 euro for a 2 days of training / tour with a 3 nights of accommodation and 770 euro is the price for a 3 day training / tour with a 4 night of accommodation  and we can do the training / tour for up to 8 rider
WRF 250 Yamaha, 
WRF Yamaha 450, 
KTM EXC 300,
Damage deposit:
- damage deposit is 200 euro per rider due upon arrival
Other information:
  • Full Riding gear included 
  • Airport pick up and drop off from Bucharest, Sibiu and Tg-Mures are included in the package