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Our tours can accommodate every level of enduro rider from beginners, intermediate to advanced riders. Before your arrival, we try to obtain as much information as we can about your riding experience and physical condition to create the perfect itinerary for you. The ride is only fun if the rider enjoys the trip so our experienced tour guides carefully select the trails to match your skill levels. Additionally, during each trip we closely monitor our riders to understand theirindividual level of the tiredness and focus. Our guides have learned to know when longer breaks are needed and to work with you to customize the trip even the day off: possibly switch to a softer or more challenging terrain or just return to the camp if the level of exhaustion is high. Sometimes pushing your limits just 10% higher can give you a good adrenaline rush but anything more than that could get you in the danger zone where the ride is not fun anymore. Our guides make sure to keep you in your fun zone but most importantly safe. Safety first is our motto because at end of the day a trip is only successful if we are all able to talk and laugh about it together.

Our Fleet currently consists off the following motorcycles:
- two 2016 -  WRF 250 Yamaha 
- one 2015 - KTM EXC 300
- one 2009 - Honda CRF 450
- two 2009 - WRF 450 Yamaha