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Hey Istvan, I wanted to make a point to msg Toni to make sure he knew what a great time I had. It really was like a trip to visit old friends and just hang out for the week. It didnt feel a 'tour' at all. It was f#cking awesome. Lol I would go back this week if I could and will first opportunity I get. Just to hang out and ride.

Sincerely, Patrick Armstrong ( Canada )

We spent the month, July 2019, in Eastern Europe with the intent on riding enduro. Our time was evenly split 10 days each in Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. In each country we had booked a multi day enduro tour. Each tour was set up in a similar fashion, pick up and drop ff at the airport, all inclusive accommodations, bikes, gear (if needed) and experienced guides. EnduRo Escape was the 3rd Tour on our itinerary and by far the absolute best. The guides, Sanyi and Toni, were excellent at assessing our skill level then finding routes to challenge us each day and Istvan was an excellent host. Our skills grew exponentially! I cannot say enough about how well we were treated and how quickly we felt right at home... it was more like riding with friends than with a tour group. Out of the 3 countries I'd return to Romania in a heart beat.
Stephen O. (Canada) 

We took a 2 day Enduro tour, we started as beginners and got better and better. With these guides you can start from 0. They can also do the most extreme tours because they are really professional! The accomodation is way better than expected. With all inclusive it really is ALL inclusive. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, gear motorbike etc. etc.
5 out of 5 stars because we enjoyed our tour with these guys so much! 
Immer H. (Nederland) 
None of my friends were available for the trip I booked across Japan's Golden Week holiday period so I went on my own. I had no expectations of the tour package I booked and was just hoping for an interesting and challenging experience: new people, new culture, new riding trails.Red Bull Romaniacs had given me an image of what I could expect so was looking forward to riding in similar terrain - it was just like you see in the photos.
The first indication that this was going to be a good trip was being met at 1:30AM at the airport by Sanyi and Toni, my riding buddies and hosts for the week. It was a 3 hour drive back to their base and coming all that way just to pick me up and get me to my hotel was an indication of their commitment and dedication to make my Romanian experience memorable.
These guys are really good riders, know the massive riding area like the back of their hand and are always ready to work with your preferences. They've been riding through this region for decades so any kind of requests you have in terms of riding they can accommodate. I had asked for technical forest trails and hill climbs and we did plenty of that and more.
On each of the days' riding, they brought along one or more riding buddies with 8 joining us on one of the days. The enduro riding culture is clearly a thing in the region with the trails literally within 10 minutes of the town where we were based. Communication was not a problem with Toni interpreting when required but everybody I met speaks the language of bikes so no issues!
The bike I rode was a 2013 KTM 300 EXC 6 Days. I had selected that in preference to a new WR250 Yamaha as I prefer the lighter weight and two stroke power delivery in technical terrain. We had a couple of issues with the bike (which I battered mercilessly) but nothing we couldn't fix quickly.
In addition to the varied riding trails, they also made sure to take me to a new place every day for some really good local food at lunch. The Westfalia hotel where I stayed was comfortable, welcoming and the owner was friends with Toni and Sanyi. Everybody was working together to make the trip enjoyable and memorable.
On returning home to Tokyo, I met with friends to tell them all about it over beers and we're going to get a small group together for a return trip in the autumn. The weather in April was very changeable with a couple of storms to make things more interesting so hopefully it will be drier in the autumn.
Recommendations: bring all of your own riding gear and be prepared in case of rain. Best to take a rest day across the 4 or 5 days of riding to recover and help avoid injuries through tiredness.
In summary, it was the warmth and friendliness of Toni and Sanyi and their friends that made the whole experience so positive.
Simon (Japan)
Excellent time I had in Romania, was absolutely amazing. Such a beautiful place and the the bikes were superb! Lovely and friendly atmosphere and the guides were super! Will definitely be coming back soon! 
Joska (England)
We took to the woods with enduro bikes with some friends, all very experienced enduro riders. We were guided by friendly locals and accompanied by a few of their friends, making it a decent group.
The bikes were in top shape and, giving the ride, there are no conplaints about minor damages along the way, caused by the riding.

The riding itself is out of this world. I have never been at a place where such open riding is still possible. 
As said the riding is beautiful but tough, this is as hard enduro as you’ll get (if you want) in a beautifull scenery. So if you are unsure about your skills don’t hesitate to let your guide know upfront to pick up the pace slowly. Also any comments during riding are more than welcome and the route will be adjusted.

Logisitics (airport pickup, hotel) were topnorganized. English is no problem as there is always one person present with good English language skills to translate where needed
Joop (Germany)
Fantastische ervaring mee gemaakt met Toni en Johny! Als enige vrouw best pittig, maar de mannen hadden veel geduld en mij in in no time op een redelijk level gebracht! Ze gaven mij vertrouwen en waren bovenal geweldige gesprekspartners in de avond met een biertje! De slogan past perfect!
Karen (Nederland)

I was here the second time in 2019 and really can't say only good about Toni and his team. While not all of the group speak english, there is always someone with english-knowledge and all of the team are super helpfull, irrespective of language.

While the core-business is hard-enduro on light bikes, we visited Toni with bigger adventure bikes on our way through Romania. Some of our group wanted to do the hard-enduro tour on the light bikes, but some (less experienced) wanted to do a more easy route suited for the heavy enduros. Without hesitation Toni and his team arranged a second guide that could take this second group. They had a great time on their route and small technical issues/damages were solved without any problems. All of the Enduro-escpe-team are helpfull without any concern of their on time or fun. Great team.
For the hard-enduro-group I can't say more than that I am still smiling when thinking about it.

I will come back, that above all is certain. 

Kris B (Germany)